February 2010

Vancouver Olympic Winter Games!

Me ! :)

Be Geek

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Welcome to my brand new web site! :)

Les Jeux Olympic de Vancouver ont début depuis peu et c'est assez bien parti pour la Suisse avec 3 médailles d'or!! -> check

Finaly, I made a whole renew and I hope you're going to like it! In this renew, I have new topics and as you have already probably seen a new design as well!

I'm looking to have it in two languages: in English and in French. You're welcome to click on the link on the top of the page to switch language.

What you're about to see !

Well, there is my new site, and I'll explain a little bit what kind of stuff you're about to see.
At first, you will see some about me and my family and friends! Then my work, ok ok basicaly you can directly see what I do but I'll tell you some more.
And in the end, I'll talk of course about Basketball, Cinema - Series and my vacations all around the world !!


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Quel héros de film suis-je?

Gladiator : 78%
Indiana Jones : 77%
James Bond : 74%
Néo (Matrix) : 70%
Forrest Gump : 68%
Batman : 67%
Hannibal Lecter: 66%
Scarface : 58%

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